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Issue  5  March 2014
Arizona in the Saddle would like to thank the Scottsdale Arabian Horse show for the wonderful experience this year.  We are thrilled that we got to be a part of such a wonderful show! Congratulations to all of the winners. All riders and trainers that participated have something to be proud of.  We had a wonderful time and are pleased to meet so many wonderful people.
Gordon and Casey Grantham

Issue – 4  February 2014
Thank You to all of our Supporters! This month ARIZONA IN THE SADDLE was able to reach our goal of 25,000 issues printed! We are excited that we are able to share this magazine with so many people. This support is enabling us to get ARIZONA IN THE SADDLE into more hands of Arizona residents. Which will help with our ultimate goal of helping equine and western cultures flourish once again. THANK YOU!

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